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Signs Your HVAC System Has a Problem

When your home’s air conditioning unit fails, it may not stop working all at once. Most of the time, there are signs that something is wrong before it shuts down completely. If you recognize that your system has a problem, it is best to call an HVAC repair company in Raymore before the problem worsens.

Your System Sounds Different

An abnormal whirring, clunking, rattling, or another sound can be a sign that something is wrong with your system. Sometimes your HVAC system will get louder if the fan bearings are going out or if the system is dirty and airflow is restricted. We recommend calling a company that offers heating and air conditioning repair in Raymore if your system sounds strange. The problem may be deep inside your system and require significant disassembly to locate it.

Something Smells

Several different components of your HVAC system get hot. Strange smells are often caused by something burning or something heating up that doesn’t ordinarily get hot. An HVAC company in Raymore should be able to identify the source of the smell and ensure your equipment is safe.

Inaccurate Thermostat

Your thermostat is responsible for controlling your HVAC unit. If your thermostat cannot sense the ambient air temperature accurately or no longer turns your system on and off as it should, this can produce more severe problems in other components of your system. 

Increased Energy Consumption

It is a good practice not only to compare how much you spend on electricity each month but how much energy you consume. If your energy consumption has increased significantly and you can’t explain the change, your HVAC system may need maintenance or repair. Low refrigerant levels in your air conditioner will cause your system to work harder than it was designed to work. A company offering heating and ac repair in Raymore should be able to identify anything causing your system to lose its efficiency.

Increased Humidity

Air conditioners not only cool down your home’s interior, but they also naturally reduce the humidity. If your home feels more humid than it once did, your air conditioner may not be working as it should.

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Inconsistent Temperature

The most obvious sign that your HVAC system isn’t working correctly is that it no longer heats or cools consistently. If your system works well sometimes and not others, your problem may be a part that fails intermittently. Intermittent failures are harder to diagnose. Consider taking notes to help your repair technician before he arrives. This could be as basic as writing down the temperature inside and outside your house several times a day.

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