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6 Signs You Need to Clean Your Air Conditioner

Do you know when your HVAC system was last cleaned? Time isn’t necessarily the best indicator of how clean or dirty your system is, but it should be considered. Maintenance, cleaning, and other air conditioning services in Raymore are essential for ensuring your system is working efficiently.

Does your HVAC system and ductwork need to be cleaned? Be aware of these signs of a dirty system.

#1 – Your HVAC Filters Get Dirty and Clogged Fast

You probably have dirty air filters if your house hasn’t been cleaned regularly over the last several months. If you have had to change air filters more often than usual, chances are that the inside of your system is also dirty.

#2 – Your HVAC System Smells Funny

A funny smell in your HVAC system may be a sign of mildew, dirt, or some other substance. The only way to get rid of the smell is with a thorough cleaning by a professional HVAC repair company in Raymore.

#3 – You Have Bugs or Mice in Your Vents

Bugs and mice tend to live near a source of moisture and food. If you have noticed them crawling out of one of your air vents, you need cleaning and maintenance immediately. Remember that rodents and roaches can carry disease.

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#4 – You Don’t Know When Your Ducts Were Last Cleaned

If you recently purchased a new home, get your HVAC system cleaned before you move in or as quickly as possible after moving. Who knows what the last owners or their pets left behind in the system.

#5 – You Just Renovated

Most renovation projects create copious amounts of dust and dirt. If you had your wood floors refinished, your carpet replaced, your kitchen renovated, or some other big project, you can be sure that all kinds of dirt and other toxins were stirred up and circulated through your HVAC system. Call an HVAC repair company in Raymore to help you get everything in your system clean again.

#6 – Your Allergies Bother You Year-Round

Many who suffer from seasonal allergies, dust allergies, or mold allergies can improve their symptoms by maintaining a clean air conditioner, furnace, and ductwork.

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