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Is My Home Well-Insulated? Advice from Experts on Heating and AC Repair in Belton

Does it seem that your furnace is pushed to its limits every time a cold front blows into town? If so, you may need heating and AC repair in Belton, furnace maintenance, a new furnace, or additional insulation. When in doubt, we recommend you call an HVAC company in Belton for inspection, maintenance, and system analysis. If you think your home may be lacking adequate insulation, consider the following questions.

#1 – Do You Have Hot and Cold Spots in Your Home?

Hot and cold spots can result from an undersized furnace, damaged or blocked ductwork, air leaks, or a lack of insulation. It is more likely the result of an insulation problem if your home has a non-uniform application of insulation materials. If certain areas of your home have less insulation than others, it is best to add insulation where it is lacking.

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#2 – Is Your Attic Fully-Insulated?

Many homes lack ceiling insulation over garages, utility rooms, and porches. Although insulation isn’t always necessary for spaces like these, you may consider adding insulation if you are having trouble keeping your home warm in the winter.

#3 – What Kind of Insulation is in Your Attic?

Spray foam insulation is one of the most efficient insulation options available for residential homes. Fiberglass roll insulation is one of the most common options in homes. What do you have in your attic? Has it been damaged by a water leak or pests like mice and raccoons?

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#4 – What Kind of Windows do You Have?

Perhaps the most significant locations of heat loss in modern homes are windows. A poorly sealed single-glazed window is hugely inefficient. Consider installing double or triple-glazed gas-charged windows. A quality window will insulate your home much better from the cold outside.

#5 – Are Your Utility Bills Much Higher than Your Neighbors?

Sometimes it isn’t easy to know how efficient your home is. Consider asking your neighbors how much they pay to heat their homes each month during the winter. You may also ask what temperature they set their furnace to, how many square feet their home is, and what kind of furnace they have. If your home has similar square footage and a similar furnace system, you should get a good idea of how efficient your system is compared to theirs.

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