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6 Ways to Make Your AC System More Efficient

An inefficient HVAC system will need regular heating and air conditioning repair in Raymore. An efficient system will be under minimal stress and should require only routine maintenance HVAC services in Raymore. If you want to help your system work longer or just reduce your energy bill, try these suggestions.

#1 – Install a Programmable Thermostat

Programmable, or Smart, thermostats can be programmed from the display inside your home or with an app on your cell phone. You can set it to automatically adjust the temperature according to a fixed schedule or adjust it dynamically from anywhere in the world.

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#2 – Add Zone Controls

Zone controls work with your programmable thermostat to adjust the temperature differently in distinct zones of your home. Some even work with occupancy sensors that can sense whether a room is occupied. Zone controls are most valuable for larger homes and homes with only a few occupants.

#3 – Perform Routine HVAC Maintenance

The best way to avoid unnecessary heating and air conditioning repair in Raymore is by keeping up with routine maintenance. During HVAC maintenance, a technician will clean your entire system, top-off refrigerant, and identify worn parts before they fail. Systems with low refrigerant, clogged filters, dirty evaporator cores, and other minor problems don’t operate at optimal efficiency.

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#4 – Upgrade Your Home’s Insulation, Door Seals, and Window Seals

Even if your AC system is in perfect condition, it won’t keep your house cool if your doors and windows don’t seal. Replace worn or torn weather stripping and add insulation to your walls and ceiling if they need it.

#5 – Close the Curtains

Direct sunlight can heat up a room fast. Give your AC system a break and close the curtains when the sun is shining straight inside. Little things like closing curtains and making sure the back door is closed tight can lead to significant energy savings.

#6 – Replace an Outdated Compressor

Sometimes a worn compressor or another component can prevent your system from working at maximum efficiency. If you can get away with only replacing a compressor instead of replacing the whole system, go for it.

The next time you have heating and air conditioning repair in Raymore or maintenance done by an HVAC repair company in Raymore, ask your technician for suggestions to make your system more efficient.

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