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Choosing the Right Air Filter; Tips from Furnace Repair Specialists in Belton

For many people, an air filter is just that thing you replace every few months, but there’s a lot more to air filters than meets the eye. As a trusted source for furnace repair in Belton, Comfort Systems Heating & Cooling knows that choosing the right air filter for your home is very important.

The wrong air filter can significantly reduce the air quality in your home. That’s why our team at Comfort Systems has compiled a list of things to consider when purchasing air filters for your home. Using these tips from a well-respected HVAC company in Belton, you can get the right air filter to fit your needs.

Make Sure Your Air Filter is the Right Size

If your furnace already has an air filter in it, the size should be clearly labeled on the cardboard material that surrounds the filter. If you don’t see the dimensions, simply measure the length, width, and depth of the filter. As a leading HVAC repair company in Belton, our team knows there are a wide variety of air filter sizes. Make sure you get a filter that fits snugly inside your furnace.

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A good tip from professionals that specialize in HVAC services in Belton; you shouldn’t have to jam the filter in place. If you have to force the filter in, it is too big. The filter should fit comfortably, but there should be no gaps between the outer cardboard and the duct opening that it goes in. If there is a notable gap, that means the filter is too small, and your furnace will push out some air that is unfiltered.

If you still are unsure what size air filter you need, you will have to measure the duct opening to get the proper dimensions.

Understanding MERV Ratings

It might be easy to think that a filter with the highest rating means it is clearly the best option. That isn’t necessarily the case though. Your HVAC company in Belton might recommend using a filter with a MERV rating between 9 to 12. Any filter with a rating higher than 12 might restrict airflow within your home. If you are unsure what MERV rating is best for your furnace, it is always wise to check with a professional that specializes in furnace repair in Belton.

Understanding Fiberglass Versus Pleated

Two of the most common types of air filters are fiberglass and pleated. Here’s a quick breakdown of the two:


  • Designed to protect the HVAC unit, not necessarily improve air quality
  • MERV rating between 1 and 4
  • Typically cost between $1 to $2 per unit


  • Remove up to 45% of air pollutants
  • MERV rating between 8 to 13
  • Typically cost around $10 per unit
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