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A Road Map to Becoming a Heating and AC Specialist for an HVAC Repair Company in Belton

Heating & Cooling is one of the most important industries in our world today. This is especially true in the Midwest. During all four seasons, there will be times where your home or business requires the help of an HVAC repair company in Belton. Without a qualified and licensed HVAC repair person, we would be forced to live in some pretty uncomfortable conditions, especially in the summer and winter.

So you may wonder, “How does someone earn the qualifications to provide AC and furnace repair in Belton?” Our team at Comfort Systems Heating & Cooling, one of the leaders for HVAC services in Belton, has compiled some information that could be helpful for anyone that is pursuing a career in the heating and cooling world.

Please note: there are other ways to obtain the proper HVAC service credentials, these are just some of the most common paths that people take to eventually work for an HVAC repair company in Belton.

Earn a 4 Year High School Diploma or GED

This is a requirement for many HVAC companies throughout the Kansas City metro area. Some areas of study that could benefit applicants include physics, chemistry, and science classes. These classes may not be requirements but could be helpful when learning about the world of heating and cooling.

Join an Accredited HVAC Program

After obtaining a diploma or GED, the next step would be to complete a program focused on heating and AC services in Belton. During the program, the candidate will learn about things like refrigeration, HVAC designs, code standards, ductwork, and air quality, just to name a few. During this program, a candidate may be asked to observe or work alongside an HVAC professional to get more familiar with the craft.

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Take Part in an Apprenticeship

This may not be a required component for getting a job in the HVAC world, but it can definitely increase the applicant’s experience and knowledge of AC and furnace repair in Belton. Some common apprenticeships may require 2,000 working hours of hands-on experience and around 150 hours of technical education. Check with your organization or employer to see what apprenticeship options are available to you.

Earning HVAC Technician Status, Then Professional Certification

Once your internship is complete, you may want to consider becoming a certified HVAC technician. This involves getting more “professional-level” experience. Depending on your employer, you may not need to become a technician before earning professional certification.

You can achieve a professional certification for HVAC services after you have compiled the proper experience. There are some specific specialty certifications that you can earn, such as:

  • HVAC Efficiency Analyst
  • HVAC Performance Verifier
  • EPA 608 Certification
  • NATE Certification
  • HVAC Excellence Certification
  • Numerous Other Certifications
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