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6 Reasons Your Air Conditioning Isn’t Working

A broken air conditioner on a hot day isn’t any fun. If your air conditioner has decided to call it quits, don’t worry too much if you don’t know what is causing your problem. Central HVAC systems are made up of many different parts. If your system isn’t working, a professional HVAC repair company in Raymore should be able to fix it.

There are many different reasons your system may have stopped blowing cold air. Some are more significant issues than others, but almost anything can be repaired. These are the most common causes of failure:

Thermostat Malfunction

Your thermostat senses the air temperature in your home and sends a signal to your HVAC system to turn the fan and compressor on and off. A damaged thermostat will either fail to turn on the fan and compressor or fail to turn off the fan and compressor (or both). 

Lack of Refrigerant

Air conditioning systems use a special chemical called refrigerant or freon. The system first compresses the refrigerant into a liquid and then pumps the liquid refrigerant through an expansion valve which causes the liquid to “expand” into a gas. When refrigerant changes state from liquid to gas, it cools off to a much lower temperature.

If your system has a leak and loses refrigerant, it will no longer be able to compress the remaining refrigerant efficiently into a liquid or expand the liquid into a gas. Air conditioning services in Raymore always require a technician to measure your system’s refrigerant level and check for leaks.  

Capacitor Failure

Air conditioning systems use capacitors to store the energy required to turn your system’s compressor and fan on when necessary. A damaged capacitor will prevent the compressor from turning on and cooling your HVAC system’s evaporator unit inside. If you suspect you may have a damaged capacitor, contact an HVAC company in Raymore to inspect your unit.

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Blocked Condenser Unit

Your air conditioning system’s condenser unit is located outside your home. It serves not only to condense gaseous refrigerant back into a liquid state, but it also allows the heat to escape that is created the gas is condensed into a liquid. A blocked condenser unit will not release sufficient heat and thus prevent your evaporator unit (inside) from cooling down properly. An HVAC repair company in Raymore can clean and inspect your condenser unit if it is blocked.

Dirty Air Filter

HVAC systems typically recirculate your home’s air as it lowers the ambient temperature. Dirty or clogged air filters will prevent the fan from efficiently drawing air into the system. A system that cannot draw in will not be able to blow air out either. Check your air filters before calling for heating and AC repair in Raymore. Don’t forget that some AC systems use multiple air filters located in different areas of the house.

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