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Tips for Lowering Your Energy Bills

If you aren’t careful, the cost of heating and cooling your home can quickly get out of control. However, your home’s HVAC system should be able to maintain a comfortable temperature inside your home year-round without requiring a second mortgage to pay your electric and gas bills. If you are worried about ever-increasing energy bills, we want to help. High heating and cooling costs may be a sign that you need heating and air conditioning repair in Belton, but there are other factors you need to consider as well.

Inspect Doors and Windows for Air Leaks

Over time, the rubber and foam seals around your doors and windows will break down, fall off, and need to be replaced. Significant gaps that allow air to move freely in or out of your home’s heated or air-conditioned spaces can drastically affect the efficiency of your home’s HVAC system. Replace or repair your weatherstripping as soon as you notice a problem.

Install a Smart Thermostat and Zone Sensors for Your HVAC System

Older thermostats that require manual adjustment of your home’s temperature often waste huge amounts of energy. Modern thermostat systems can adjust your temperature on a pre-determined schedule. That means that you won’t have to worry about adjusting the thermostat before leaving the house for several hours.

Additionally, many modern HVAC units can be configured to operate with zone sensors that can sense when particular areas of your home are unoccupied and automatically adjust the temperature setting. Consult with an HVAC repair company in Belton and see if zone sensors are compatible with your current HVAC unit.

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Keep Up with HVAC System Maintenance

Your HVAC system should receive routine maintenance once or twice a year, depending on the unit and how heavily it is used. Most companies offering HVAC services in Belton should be able to schedule maintenance appointments far in advance for your convenience. Proper maintenance is also essential for preventing HVAC system breakdown and the need for emergency AC services in Belton.

Turn Your Home Green!

Saving energy is not limited to making your HVAC system more efficient. Energy-efficient kitchen appliances, washers, dryers, water heaters (and more) can all contribute to energy savings––not to mention remembering to turn lights off and keep doors closed.  

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At Comfort Systems Heating and Cooling, we have a team of professional certified HVAC repair technicians who can handle any problem you may have. We are the first choice for furnace repair and ac services in Belton––and we have been for decades.

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Contact us today for a free quote. We work with both commercial and residential systems and offer a discount program for regular HVAC inspection and maintenance.

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