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5 Signs You Need a New Air Conditioner

At Comfort Systems, we offer fast, professional air conditioning services in Belton. If your AC quits on a hot day and you need a fast repair, we can help. However, if you have an older HVAC system or feel that your system has broken down too many times in the last few years, you may be pondering the benefits of replacing your old air conditioner. Consider these five signs that it may be time to have an HVAC company in Belton install a new system for you.

Sign #1 – Your Electric Bill is Too High

Is your current AC system less efficient than it once was? Did you have to take out a loan to pay your last electric bill? Air conditioning system technology has advanced at a surprisingly fast rate in the last twenty years. A new system may be significantly more efficient than your current one. Speak to your favorite HVAC repair company in Belton for assistance analyzing your current system’s efficiency and the possible benefits of system replacement.

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Sign #2 – Your Home Has Hot and Cold Spots

Hot and cold spots in your home are a sure sign that your HVAC system isn’t working as it should. You may need additional insulation, have an air leak, your HVAC system may be damaged, or your HVAC system may be improperly sized for your home. If basic home maintenance and air conditioning services in Belton don’t resolve the issue, it may be time to install a new system.

Sign #3 – Too Many Recent Repairs

Air conditioner repair and other HVAC services in Belton can be expensive if you must replace critical parts or have your system repaired multiple times a year. We often recommend system replacement if your air conditioner is more than five years old and repairs cost more than 50% of system replacement.

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Sign #4 – Your Old System is Seriously Outdated

An older HVAC system isn’t necessarily a bad system, but older systems are often significantly less efficient and reliable than new ones. Many homeowners prefer to replace a seriously outdated system rather than be surprised by a system failure.

Sign #5 – Insufficient Airflow

Insufficient airflow in your HVAC system may be resolved quickly and easily, or it may be a sign that your current system is undersized, broken, and deteriorated. If your system doesn’t blow cold air like it once did, call Comfort Systems for air conditioning services in Belton. We will fix it if we can, but you may be better served with a new air conditioner. At Comfort Systems Heating and Cooling, our goal is to help our customers the best we can. If repair is the best option, we can have your system running again in no time. If we think replacement is the best course of action, we will do our best to help you understand why. We only succeed if you are happy with our services. 

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