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4 Reasons Why One of the Top AC Services in Belton Says Now is the Best Time to Replace an Old Furnace

Did you know that late summer and early fall are generally the best times for furnace repair and routine ac services in Belton? As an HVAC company in Belton, we want to help you ensure your HVAC system works well when you need it most. Here are four reasons why now is the best time to replace your old furnace.

#1 – Replace it Before the Weather Gets Cold

Many homeowners don’t discover a problem with their furnace until the first time they need to turn it on. Have your furnace inspected and replaced, if necessary, now––don’t wait until you are shivering in the cold.

HVAC companies usually have an increased demand for heating and air conditioning repair in Belton during the first cold snap of the fall and the first warm days of spring. Don’t wait until the temperature shifts to take care of your system, or you may have to wait longer for a technician.

#2 – Replace it Before it Breaks

The average residential furnace lasts around 15 to 20 years. How old is your furnace? What condition is your furnace in? If you don’t know, have it inspected. Whenever possible, replace an aging furnace before it breaks. New furnaces are much more efficient than they were twenty years ago.

Have you had to do multiple major repairs on your HVAC system in the last couple of years? It may be time for a new system.

#3 – Save Money on Utility Bills

Does your current furnace require a small fortune to keep running all winter? New HVAC technology, including modern furnaces, smart thermostats, and zoning systems, can make a big difference in the amount of energy required to keep your home comfortable. Some estimates suggest that a new smart thermostat alone can save you an average of 8% a month on your heating and cooling costs.

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#4 – Avoid Holiday Furnace Problems

Are you planning on having visitors at your home for the holidays? Additional people in your home will require your furnace to work harder than usual. If your furnace isn’t in good condition, increased heating demands may push it over the edge. If it is not time to replace your furnace, make sure you schedule a cleaning and routine maintenance before guests arrive.

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